Combat Kids is designed to provide children the knowledge and tools to understand, navigate, and take action quickly in an emergency situation and get to safety. We need to stop punishing our children by keeping them inside and putting the blindfold on, ignorance is not bliss. Our children should not feel as if it is their fault that there is evil in this world. We want children to be able to be children - to play outside, to explore, to play make-believe, to ride their bikes, to walk to school or their friend's house -  and we want parents to have peace of mind about their child's safety.

Human Trafficking does not just affect other counties, it is right here in Colorado Springs. Our own children have had encounters with the dangers that lurk - suspicious vehicles at their school, a car driving around with the occupant asking children to go with him to see his puppies, online messages targeting them - and our children also possess the knowledge and tools to stay safe online and offline. 


Did you know that there are approx. 40 MILLION human trafficking victims worldwide?! Maybe you tell yourself that it could never happen to you or your family? We wish this was not happening and this issue belongs to every community in the world. We need to band together and keep our children safe.


Michael is a former Staff Sergeant of the United States Air Force and Combat Veteran that serviced in lieu of for the Army as well. He has completed 3 tours overseas to Iraq and Afghanistan. While overseas, Michael gained leadership qualities and critical thinking skills in the Air Force, also spending a brief time in the US Army where he learned fighting skills and life saving techniques. He has worked entry control points, as well as defensive fighting positions and towers in Afghanistan. Michael was a gunner and driver for the base commander in Afghanistan, as well as the FOB mechanic. During which time, Michael maintained a 96% vehicle in commission rate. To put that in perspective: at a deployed location, they expect a 64% rate due to the lack of availability to get parts, showing his determination for success. Michael started this business because of those experiences overseas and what he has witnessed while out on missions. Michael has several years of experience in martial arts, as well as real world application. Michael will be teaching the classroom instruction, self defense training, and weapons safety.

Veteran SSGT Michael Davis


Kay has a passion for wanting to make the world a better place for all our children. She has begun her pursuit of a degree in Psychology to provide counseling services to children and families. Kay ran a successful real estate career over the last 10 years and has the know-how to run the day-to-day business. Kay has a deep love for this business and to support her husband’s efforts as it is a benefit to our community, our state, and our nation. One life saved is priceless. Kay will be teaching the Restorative Yoga/Mediation following each lesson from Michael's class to give the children time for their young minds to balance and restore. Yoga and Meditation have been an integral part of Kay's daily life for the past 4 years. Research shows that children who practice meditation daily are less prone to angry outbursts and able to control their emotions giving them more confidence at home, school, and play.

Kay Davis



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